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We want you to enjoy the four SCENTsations

Scents, Sounds, Sights, Support 

My beautiful fellow Traveller. Is there anything more energizing, exciting or motivating than the opportunity to explore our beautiful blue & green globe? The opportunity to immerse Self in the fulness of Creation.  Witnessing distant cultures, amazing cities, beautiful landscapes, foreign lands & enjoying the blissful oneness of it all. 

We embrace the memories that We create via the unique scents, sounds & sights of these amazing places. We support the local artisans & economies that we touch with Our presence. 

We, Kimberly & Nicole, believe that the journey does not end on the day that We leave these wonderful places & people. Rather, We believe that a new journey begins. We believe that We are forever changed by these experiences & We believe that the journey returns with Us; back home to our place of origin. 


The scents, sounds and sights that We embrace on these journeys evolve to become our memories & We desire for You to recall these memories blissfully. We seek to provide unforgettable reminders of Your most precious & intimate moments. We wish to join You on Your many journeys & remain with You when You return home; as a direct connection to smells sounds & sights that You discovered while You were present. 

Most importantly, We want to give back in the form of planted trees, clean drinking water & support for the local artisans that so graciously invite Us into their homes. My beautiful fellow Traveller, We want You to enjoy the journey as much as We do. 

Kimberly & Nicole

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Image by Joyce G

"Not All Who Wander Are Lost"

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